Chat [4015]
Dec 22, 18
Dec 22, 18
Hey so guess what
Dec 22, 18
I didn't noticed I was spamming
Dec 22, 18
and just got banned for 10 days
Dec 22, 18
but i only hafta wait 2
Dec 22, 18
Dec 22, 18
Ok I got banned for spamming 10 days, wont hafta wait 10 only gotta wait 3, merry chrysler baby!
Dec 27, 18
hey any admins on atm
Dec 27, 18
or mods or wateva
Jan 6, 19
yall wtf happened to cnr?
Jan 7, 19
CNR & Skyblock are shut down until further notice
Jan 8, 19
Hey hey everyone
Jan 9, 19
Jan 9, 19
Jan 9, 19
aww blacklisted. hehe
Sat at 2:02
Hey guys
Sat at 2:02
Most og player here
Sat at 2:02
Mon at 1:08
why is cnr on shut down though?
Mon at 2:52
because cnr is big gei
Tue at 23:33
Hello everyone.
Wed at 7:46
1 hour ago
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