Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce the release of OG Prison!
The goal of this server was to bring back the old style of gameplay and expand on it like no other prison server has. 

Join now at


Here are just a few things you can look forward to once you log in.

- All the Old ranks / Old PVP / Old spawn
- Better custom enchants
- Old Donor ranks / New perks
- 500+ Unlockables
MineBuddy / Minebuddy upgrades
- Sell bonuses are now more over powered
- Ranks scale every prestige
- Prestige ranks now get perm sell bonuses
- Better LuckyBlocks
- AutoShop (Allows you to sell from chestshops automatically)
- Factions

- A fully custom free world with raidable bases and spawners that drop blocks. 

And really so much more to explore and see

What are you waiting for come check it out for yourself and relive the nostalgia and make new memories.